August 31, 2022

“Our Legacy, Our Turn” – Defining our Project for the Capital Campaign

The Workshop included some 45 participants including member-facilitators and those who participated on Zoom

Below is a compilation of feedback from the Breakout Groups. Numbers in parentheses indicate same or highly alike comments. The last section includes observations on some key takeaways.

Baseline Questions

Initial Reaction to proposed, general framework for a capital project?

 “Renewal, Accessibility, Enhancement” framework and hierarchy is clear, accurate, thoughtful and/or works well (5)
 Admiration for ambition to have a capital project and campaign (2)
 Renewal is most important as the foundation (3)
 How much renewal is needed – might be more than we think
 Renewal plus other elements need to start now – maybe a 15 year project
 Accessibility / elevator / ADA bathrooms are most important (5)
 Revamped entryway is great
 Creates more usable spaces, including courtyard with stage (2)
 Important to connect project with our mission, and build connection to wider community
 Water feature in back instead of courtyard would be safer, less water use if covered
 Too utilitarian

What elements of this place struck you the most the first time you came to UU Marin?
 Open (with lots of windows) and friendly, welcoming (4)
 Great views (6)
 Peaceful, hilltop location setting (5)
 Courtyard and landscaped grounds (6)
 Building not well cared for
 Tolerance of all comers
 High ceilings, but absence of aesthetics such as stained glass

Futuristic Questions – Priority Project Elements and Desired Outcomes

What would you like to see 10 years from now?
 Bright, clean, open building, refresh sanctuary (2)
 Lighter exterior colors to reflect the sun
 Fully functional building – all spaces including for more kinds of renters (3)
 7 principles fully in action, including with use of building and native plants and minimal impact on climate change (3)
 Education center and Daycare for the community – with UU principles – year round (7)
 Partnerships with the community, such as public library and open mic or musical events (2)
 Congregation with diverse population
 Repave patio and/or courtyard (2)
 Umbrellas or covering for outside use
 More parking (4)
 Elevator and accessibility (5)
 Wider corridor, easier access to courtyard (2)
 More accessible labyrinth
 Solar (2)
 Playground and equipment for kids (3)
 Remodel, update kitchen
 Updated, ADA bathrooms (2)
 Screen or cover balcony
 Zoom technology in every room

If you were to win the lottery (or receive large, unexpected inheritance), what would be your first
 Elevator and easy accessibility (3)
 Progressive educational center and daycare (3)
 Worry free, maintenance free building – designated fund for maintenance (3)
 Solar (3)
 Brighten the outside
 Landscape improvement (3)
 Replace sliding glass doors
 Remodel or even Expand Fellowship Hall (3)
 Top of Hill Chapel
 Revised entryway
Main Challenges
 Overall cost, may be too big of a number, the economy (3)
 Too ambitious, may take too long (2)
 Marcus’s upcoming departure
 Stretching our human resources too thin to pull it off – are we doing too much? (2)
 Overcoming the doubters (3); some of these concerns were initial reactions too)
 Getting people to give
 Sorting and selecting the priorities with consensus (4)
 Inspiring and including all – even if can’t give money, volunteer opportunities (2)
 Remote location on a Hill – will community come if we add enhancements (e.g., daycare) (2)

 Our framework resonated: Renewal, Accessibility, Enhancement
 13 mentions of elevator and accessibility, plus 2 more of ADA bathrooms and several for widened hallways and better access to courtyard
 11 mentions of Education Center and Daycare or providing for children
 8 mentions of Renewal as fundamentally important to preserve building / take care of deferred maintenance (roof, doors, windows, lower deck, sewage line and water barrier, etc.)
 5 mentions of solar, plus 2 more regarding 7 th principle / reducing impact on climate change
 Many comments – all a little different – about improving courtyard, grounds, easier access from building
 Several comments about project being an opportunity to create community partnerships, bring in more, and different kinds of renters, being better positioned to stage community events
 On balance the location (views, grounds) is seen as more of a plus than a challenge (“too remote”)
 Thoughtful comments about tying our mission to building enhancements
 Additional areas to address: parking concerns (4 mentions), and refreshing Fellowship Hall and kitchen (several mentions); should add to project relatively low cost items such as exterior paint
 Entryway received a few priority mentions, could tie into refreshing Fellowship Hall
 Patio and landscaping in back of Fireside Room were not mentioned as much; perhaps a lower priority
 Regarding a capital campaign, there were a few doubters but no total naysayers