Am I a Unitarian Universalist?UUA Chalice logo, rainbow

You may be a UU, if you:

  • believe there are many paths to exploring spirituality
  • want to help create a healthy planet
  • believe atheism and agnosticism are valid perspectives
  • want your children to freely explore and develop their own beliefs
  • believe all people should have the freedom to choose who they love
  • want to be part of the solution to social justice challenges such as homelessness
  • are interested in engaging in free and responsible search for meaning, purpose, value, and spiritual depth in your life
  • want to be part of a progressive, intergenerational, liberal spiritual community

Hmmm… maybe I am!

If you resonated with some or all of the above, you may be a Unitarian Universalist! Here are some opportunities for you to find out more.

I’m a Unitarian Universalist! What’s next?

If you feel you may be a Unitarian Universalist in spirit, consider becoming a member of our warm, welcoming congregation. Becoming a member gives you access to all that UU Marin has to offer:

  • membership in a community of people who care for each other and the planet
  • lifespan religious education programs, designed to open up new ways of thinking and engaging your spiritual and religious life
  • the best open and full religious education for your children, without pressure or expectations
  • support in times of need – physical, emotional, or spiritual – through pastoral care and help from church members
  • our social groups, gatherings, and fun family adventures
  • access to our facilities at a reduced rental rate for celebrations, memorials, and other events.

You’ll be part of an environment that encourages and nurtures your spiritual exploration, and values your personal gifts and talents.

Members are expected to

  • participate in congregational governance,
  • abide by our congregational Covenant of Right Relations,
  • pledge your financial support annually, and
  • volunteer in the congregation with your time and talents.

I’m ready!  How do I become a member?

It’s easy!

1)   Attend the orientation session Rev. Cory holds after the service on the first Sunday of most months. It covers:

  • the nature of covenantal (as opposed to doctrinal) community.
  • how to participate and become involved.
  • the rights and responsibilities of membership
    • the right to vote and help to determine the direction of the community.
    • the responsibility to help maintain it by contributing “time, talent, and treasure” to the extent one can.

2)    Sign the membership book at the end of the session, if you’re ready.

3)    Be formally recognized in a New Member Ceremony in a worship service. Several are held each year.