Salvation’s Marketplace 📶

The world offers a multitude of salvific visions, visions of where placing our attention will best serve us. Over the past several decades the competition for human attention has skyrocketed in ways our ancestors could never have dreamed of. As we find ourselves pulled in … read more.

The Ancestor’s Breath 📶

Death is one of the topics our attention often tries to avoid, almost like a magnet repelled by an opposing charge. But those who practice holding death in compassionate awareness describe finding themselves at greater ease in life. In this time when cultures around the … read more.

The House of Belonging

Please note that UUCM will be open for both services on Sunday, October 27 regardless of possible power outages.
Whose are you? To whom or what do you belong? Our human journey calls us on a lifelong dance of togetherness and aloneness. Our … read more.