Speaker: Rev. Theresa Novak

A Curious Faith

We all have a religious past, even those of us who did not grow up in any faith tradition. Our spiritual journeys can have many twists and turns. As travelers on that path, we can carry with us bags full of our pasts, rarely opened … read more.

A Principled Path 📶

Rev Theresa Novak is an Affiliated Minister of UUCM.

Unitarian Universalist Congregations have covenanted (promised) to affirm and promote our seven principles. How do we do that, as a congregation and as individuals? What are the challenges? Even when we try very hard, sometimes we break … read more.

Opening up the “Good Book” 📶

Although Jewish and Christian Scriptures are Unitarian Universalism’s 4th Source, many of us think of the Bible as merely something for religious fundamentalists. What is the Bible anyway? We will look at some of what Biblical scholarship can teach us about relating to the … read more.