Each Sunday, we offer two worship services.

From 9:00am to 10:00am we hold The Sunday Circle service, a small lay-led group for those who prefer a more participatory service. About Upcoming Sunday Circle services

Our traditional worship service starts at 10:30 in the Sanctuary, and typically last an hour.

Below are descriptions of upcoming sermon topics and speakers for the traditional services.

It’s Not All in Your Head

Our annual retelling of the Stone Soup story is an opportunity to connect over hot soup, to be playfully reminded of deep truths in a silly story, and to feel the call again to live lives of generosity. As we reflect on Attention this month, … read more.

How Much Do We Deserve?

In an age of growing economic inequality, it is tempting to pay attention to what others have. Perhaps we would do better to attend to what we already have, even beyond our deserving. Thanksgiving season is surely a good time to strip away any sense … read more.