Each Sunday, we offer two worship services.

From 9:00am to 10:00am we hold The Sunday Circle service, a small lay-led group for those who prefer a more participatory service. About Upcoming Sunday Circle services

Our traditional worship service starts at 10:30 in the Sanctuary, and typically last an hour.

Below are descriptions of upcoming sermon topics and speakers for the traditional services.

RE Sunday

Come celebrate the RE year with the children and youth involved service. We will experience a fun multi-generational service. Prepare to smile a lot.

Flower Communion Service

Join us for the annual Flower Ceremony—a distinctly UU ritual instituted in June of 1923 by the Rev. Norbert Capek, minister of the Prague Unitarian Church, and now celebrated widely in Unitarian and UU churches around the world. Please bring a flower for every member … read more.

Father’s Day – Joy’s Moving Sale

This is the last service presented by Interim Minister Rev. Joy Atkinson. In the sermon, Rev. Joy will wrap up her two-year interim ministry among us and bid us a fond farewell. The service will also celebrate Father’s Day.