Each Sunday, we offer two worship services.

From 9:00am to 10:00am we hold The Sunday Circle service, a small lay-led group for those who prefer a more participatory service. About Upcoming Sunday Circle services

Our traditional worship service starts at 10:30 in the Sanctuary, and typically last an hour.

Below are descriptions of upcoming sermon topics and speakers for the traditional services.

The Spiritual Practice of Giving

What we practice shapes who we are, whether we’re conscious of it, or not. And as Barbara Brown Taylor reminds us, “anything can be a spiritual practice” if you’re willing to approach it that way. Could giving be a spiritual practice? How do our … read more.

Searching for the Source

Unitarian Universalism is different than many other religious traditions in part because individual Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to explore weighty theological questions for ourselves and to draw our own conclusions about what we believe about God, the nature and meaning of existence, and what happens … read more.