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Chalice Masks Still Available

Proceeds Benefit UU Marin

Stay safe in style while displaying our UU flaming chalice symbol. These high-quality, handmade face coverings are lovingly created by UU Marin’s Crafting for a Cause group and feature:

Proceeds Benefit UU Marin

Stay safe in style while displaying our UU flaming chalice symbol. … read more.

Writing Your Ethical Will (Zoom Workshop)

Presented by The Adult Spiritual Development Ministry Team

Tuesday, November 30 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Tuesday, December 7 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm

When we die, we leave a legacy that includes the accumulated financial and material aspects of how we’ve lived. There are, of course, legal … read more.

Letter From Rev. Marcus Liefert

Dear Ones,

I return with gratitude. Immense gratitude for all those who made it possible to return to fresh paint and new carpets in our offices, for all the resources you dedicated to rebuilding a beautiful deck that is beckoning me, even right this minute, to … read more.

Coffee Hour This Sunday!

The hospitality team invites everyone for tea or coffee after our Ingathering service in the courtyard on August 15th.

If you feel you want your own coffee cup, please bring it but also take it home. Please do not store or clean items in the kitchen.

To optimize … read more.

Breeze FAQs

I’ve never logged into Breeze. How do I create an account?

There are two ways: 1) go to and create an account by clicking on the link there. The caveat with this option is that you need to already have a profile in Breeze. This … read more.

How to Create Your Own Breeze Account

Are you tired of your directory being out of date as soon as you download it? Do you want to be able to see your own contact information and even update it? Can’t remember how much you contributed? Want all this information at your fingertips, … read more.

Rally to Stop Anti-Asian Hate

On March 26, 2021 roughly 15 members of UUCM attended a rally in support of Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander people at Court St. Plaza in downtown San Rafael.

Jean Bee Chan, a UUCM member, was a lead organizer of the rally and is also a … read more.