UU Marin Capital Campaign NEWS

On August 28th about 45 members and friends joined the “Our Legacy, Our Turn” workshop to brainstorm how they see the future of UU Marin evolving.

Suggestions for our building and grounds ranged from the pedestrian – replace our chairs – to the practical – install an elevator and add ADA-compliant bathrooms – to the visionary – widen and change the hallways, add solar to the roof, upgrade the courtyard and create a modernized education and childcare center on the lower level!

Those creative ideas reflect the themes that the Capital Campaign Task Force is exploring: Renewal, Accessibility, and Enhancement. After an introduction by the co-chairs Linda Haumann and Christopher Gilkerson, the small group discussion was led by members of the Task Force—Kat Braeman, Janice Prochaska, Gretchen Levitt, Rich Cohen, and Margy Eller. Carol Kerr is also a member. The Workshop provided valuable input for a possible capital project.

A Next Steps Consultation weekend is planned for September 23rd-25th with “Stewardship for Us” Capital Campaign consultant, Kay Crider. Save September 25th after the 10:30 service, when Kay will provide a PowerPoint presentation of her findings. This consultation will help us determine whether and how we proceed with a full Capital Campaign.

UU Marin is unique in that we have never conducted a Capital Campaign in our 72 year history even though we occupied our building in 1965. After 60 years, NOW is the time to imagine and plan!

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the workshop but would like to give your input, please answer the questions by using the link here.

See the summary report from the Workshop here.

Please view the preliminary vision of our capital project.

Capital Campaign Workshop 08-28-2022

Capital Campaign: Next Steps, Sep 25, 2022