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Kay Crider, “Stewardship for Us” consultant, has now completed her interviews for the Financial Feasibility Study.

We look forward to hearing back from her, over the next couple of weeks, regarding her results and recommendations.
Please see the proposed potential building project here.

We are excited about Collin Russell’s upcoming presentation on December 11th at noon in Fellowship Hall!
Come see and hear about his plans for the renewal of our UU home.

Timeless Design for the Modern Age

Collin Russell

Architect COLIN RUSSELL is the managing and design principal with Russell Architects and has over 40 years of experience in Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design. This includes single and multi-family/affordable housing, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. “Being based in Northern California has honed our sensitivity to natural elements, our awareness of environmental issues, and our ability to navigate difficult review and permitting processes.” (C.R.)

One good example of the firm’s work is the renovation of an outdated 1970’s style shopping center in Larkspur. From a drab and outmoded shopping center, Russell Architects transformed the Larkspur Landing, now Marin Country Mart, into a vibrant, hip, and lively destination. Notable features include a gazebo and a working fountain situated around the plaza. The firm also designed the shell for Andy’s Market as well as the interior for a state of the art market and deli which includes views of the marina.

Colin has been an active participant in civic and business affairs. He was commended by the Marin County Board for his service and his innovative leadership ideas when he served as Board Chairman for the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce in 2005. He is also Chairman of the Advocates for Housing and Economic Development (AHED) Committee, Board Member of the Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative (MEHC), a non-profit advocacy group, and Board Member of the Marin Economic Forum, a non-profit group dedicated to the attraction and retention of businesses in Marin County.  

He is a Southern California native who graduated with honors from the Cornell University College of Architecture in 1970. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980. Colin’s father was a noted Los Angeles architect.  Colin believes that creativity is not about self-expression or ego. Creativity comes in finding a solution that works technically, economically, and aesthetically – an elegant, comprehensive response to a complex set of client preferences and circumstances.

Please Read Kay Crider’s Next Steps Weekend Report Here

Presentation, Information & Recommendations from September 23-25, 2022

by Kat Braeman, member, Our Legacy, Our Turn Capital Campaign Task Force

Kay Crider is a UU based in Eugene, OR and a consultant with Stewardship for Us, with expertise on stewardship issues and Capital Campaigns.  On the weekend of September 23, she met with Rev. Marcus, the Board, the Capital Campaign Task Force, and leaders from various teams/committees. Here are her summary observations and recommendations regarding our campaign.

Kay Crider
  • Annual pledges: The average pledge of $3,270 is excellent; the median pledge is $2,000, also excellent. Your pledges range from $50 up to $22,000. 
  • Readiness for a Capital Campaign: UU Marin has a lovely space in a lovely location, but it needs some renewal, updating, and accessibility. The Capital Campaign Task Force is engaging the congregation in information gathering and listening sessions. Linda Haumann and Christopher Gilkerson head the team getting cost estimates for things that you want to accomplish as part of a campaign. You need to have a compelling vision and plan for what you want to do.
  • Awareness and sense of urgency is critical in knowing the right time to do a capital campaign. Marcus just started his fifth and last year of his developmental ministry and is excited about working on the campaign.
  • Timing: You need to do a capital campaign this church year or wait two or three years until after you call your new minister. 
  • Is a capital campaign doable this church year?  You have an engaged congregation with low conflict – your congregation has a lot of love and a sense of well-being. You have very organized people willing to make it happen.
  • Guidelines for capital campaigns: Typically, congregations raise from 3 to 5 times their annual giving. With about $310,000 in annual pledging, 3x is $930,000 up to 5x is $1.5 million.
  • Feasibility Study: After costs are estimated, the next step is a feasibility study where Kay will talk to a segment of the congregation and make a financial projection about what she thinks our congregation is willing to give to make our project happen. Be realistic and practical, but ambitious.
  • Anchor Gift: An anchor gift is essential. 
  • A supermajority consensus is essential. Once you know the scope of your project, you need to have 80% to 90% of your congregation, ”Yeah, we want to move forward.” We have to prioritize what we think the whole congregation really needs, and what the supermajority really feels is important.
  • Continue to engage and discuss. Be transparent. You haven’t done a capital campaign in your history. You’re standing on the shoulders of the founders and enjoying the benefit of what folks before you did. So the Our Legacy, Our Turn is a theme to remind us.
  • Plan a Combined Annual and Capital Campaign in the spring: Plan to meet personally with each person in the congregation.
  • Some Concerns: There’s some scarcity mentality about a capital campaign, and that’s very normal. Some people fear, “No one here has the money to give an anchor gift, and we can’t do it.”  Kay hasn’t worked with any congregations where that’s actually true. You know you can do it. Think about what would I give if it was just for me? What would I give if it was for my kids? What would I give for my great-grandchildren, or other people’s great-grandchildren? 

“Make no little plans. If plans have no magic to stir the blood, they will probably not be realized. Make big plans, aim high in hope and work, remembering that long after we are gone our work will continue to be a living thing. Remember that our children and grandchildren are going to do things that would stagger us, so make no little plans.” — Daniel Burnham, American architect and urban designer

Video of the 9/25/2022 session

Capital Campaign: Next Steps, Sep 25, 2022

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the workshop but would like to give your input, please answer the questions by using the link here.

Summary report from the August 28, 2022 Workshop here.

Please view the preliminary vision of our capital project.

Video of the Capital Campaign Workshop 08-28-2022