Risking Blossom, Emergent Hope

In today’s complex world, sometimes it can feel like things are “stuck” in gridlock, with little forward motion. Yet, this morning we consider: what is positively emerging? Can beauty be found even in brokenness? Are new possibilities for individual and collective empowerment unfolding? How, why, and from where does hope emerge?

Rev. Dara Olandt fondly remembers ministering alongside members and friends of the congregation back in 2012 when she supported Religious Education at UUCM. She is a life-long UU who has served congregations in California and Virginia. She graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry in 2010 and serves as Director of Spiritual and Religious Life and Chaplain at Mills College in Oakland, CA. working with emerging social justice leaders on strategies for sustaining activism and supporting religious pluralism. She also serves on the steering committee for Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME), an interfaith justice network in Oakland.