Side With Love 📶

Have you noticed that the word “unprecedented” has been used almost every day during the past year or so? We are witnessing an ugly time in our history when our country is very divided when the democratic norms and institutions that we hold dear are being threatened. It is a time when overt racism, sexism, misogyny, anti-LGBTQ rights and anti-immigrant sentiment is being normalized. We have a responsibility as Unitarian Universalists to speak out and do what we can to clearly Side with Love.

Linda Haumann is a long time member of UUCM and identifies as both UU and Jewish. Taught from an early age “never again” regarding the Holocaust, Linda has always had a passion for fairness, justice, and equity. Having witnessed, as a young child, the murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert Kennedy, she has been drawn to social justice causes and does not take her privilege for granted. Linda holds a masters degree in Expressive Arts therapy, has held positions in social services, senior services and was UUCM’s former Director of Religious Education. Currently, she is the new chair of UUCM’s Social Justice Committee.