Topic: Sunday Circle

Awe in Awful Times

So many of us are completely overwhelmed these days—if not by current events, by our own personal maelstroms. (For some of us, it’s both!) Yet there are other aspects of our world, our lives, that are truly wonderful to behold, and which can give us … read more.

Saving Paradise 📶

Theologians Rebecca Parker and Rita Nakashima Brock encountered a footnote in an art history book that claimed the first depictions of Jesus’ crucifixion did not appear until the 10th century. Their journey to discover why has led to a radical re-imagining of early Christian theology … read more.

A Curious Faith

We all have a religious past, even those of us who did not grow up in any faith tradition. Our spiritual journeys can have many twists and turns. As travelers on that path, we can carry with us bags full of our pasts, rarely opened … read more.