Our system of church governance requires that all members share in the ministry of the church. Within this context of shared ministry, leadership at UUCM is shared between the Board of Trustees, the Minister, and the committee chairs. Each member of UUCM’s leadership has specific responsibilities, but all cultivate communication and gather feedback, with the ultimate goal being to represent the voice of the congregation as a whole.

Board of Trustees

As directed in UUCM’s bylaws, the Board creates the policy for our nonprofit corporation. The Board’s ultimate responsibility is to provide definition and clarification for how we, as a religious community, shall be in a relationship with:

  • one another
  • our tradition, mission, bylaws, and principles
  • the Unitarian Universalist Association
  • the larger community

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UU ministers are “called” by the congregation and empowered to take on a special leadership role. Even so, UU ministers understand that, in being called to a congregation, they are entering into a partnership that is built on compromise, communication, commitment to a common goal, and appreciation for the special talents that each person brings. UU ministers bring their own professional training and personal spiritual quest; the congregation brings a collection of skills and energies that no one person could possibly provide. This partnership does not mean equal responsibility or authority; rather, the minister and congregation together create a dynamic partnership that neither could generate alone.

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Much of UUCM’s essential work is done through the committee process, led by the committee chairs. Committees and the people who serve vary depending on the congregation’s needs at the time, but usually include groups overseeing church finances, coordinating church activities, and educating children and adults, among others.

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